Heaven´s Celebration of a Life taken by Death

“An empty conch with its smell of death that whispers in my ear the promise of a life beyond”-  Reena Prasad.Every time the word “Death” is spoken out loud, it rumbles with the strength of a thunder in my ear. The sound of the word “Death” is so imposing it makes me deaf, not making me  able to hear the negative things of it , but to feel the bright side of death. By the way this word has an impact in me, you might be thinking that I´m petrified of it, on the contrary I´m not threatened by the idea of death. Instead of making me think of all the bad things that come along with death, to hear the word makes me think of all the valuable aspects that can come out of a situation like death. To hear the word “Death” gets me in silence, in an instant state of reflection about life, and how short it is. It is frightening the idea of losing my beloved ones, like family , that topic starts me into tears. What I´m not afraid is about my own death, because I have gotten to a point where I can understand what it represents.

Buddhism and Christianity have both played a significant role in the development of my personal beliefs. I can recognize that Buddhism has been the one that has helped me understand more the topic of death. According to the tibetan buddhist tradition, death is a symbol of the journey of life and it’s precious value. Also they believe that by knowing and understanding the process of death, the suffering of it will vanish, and eventually its acceptance will come.  Yet, I don’t believe in rebirth, and that is when it comes Christianity. The main reason why I feel calmed about death is because I consider it to be a journey back home, to the house of angels, a place with unmeasurable love, known as Heaven. I´m in love with angels, and how they work in magical ways to act in the name of God, so the thought of dying makes me think of going to Heaven where there is a  celebration because I had the chance of transforming myself into an angel too.

Fear of death can be surpassed by the understanding of it, because we fear what we                             don´t understand. My life is deeply influenced by a fusion of Buddhism and Christianity, as I don’t believe entirely in everything they proclaim, I have taken the best out of both worlds, to conform my own personal perception of how I see the world. Death is a reminder to me of how relevant it is to live a happy life. When death comes it will be a reward of the meaningful actions you did alive, because the happiness will continue with more joy in Heaven, where there will be no trace of a body , but the print of an existence worth of love.  



Writing Activity: Leader in Me gave me a New Approach

To follow a moral compass is something that has been imposed to man throughout the evolution of society. Having values, and being a person that takes decisions based on ethics is a social requirement, that make people believe they will achieve success. For many years in school we were taught a value each month, for example honesty and respect. Even though it is basic to have the knowledge of what those values mean,it is also important to know how to put them into practice. It was until high school that as students, we understood that taking those moral principles into actions was the best way in which we could learn to  use them for the rest of our lives. The “Leader in Me” program changed completely our perspective on the things a person should do in order to become successful, instead the program started by making us believe that we are already leaders in certain aspects of our lives, we just need to dig a little deeper to make our qualities shine brighter. Leader in Me is based on seven main habits that serve as a guide to obtain not only success, but also the capacity of being able to lead our own lives.


Walt Disney, one of the most successful people who was the founder of Disneyland once said: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt wasn’t always ahead of the game. Walt had a devotion for drawing , and every day he woke up eager to go to his studio, he was a leader in art and animation. Even though he become an ambulance driver and went through many odd jobs , he fought for a big dream.He stayed up until late to do work, was proactive, and didn’t procrastinate. Walt thought and took into consideration others thoughts. Hollywood parties where not a priority to Walt, he put the most important things first, and on weekends, his time was family time.  Walt Disney had  many failures but he also had many successes too, and that is because he  believed in his own leadership to pursue a dream.  He is a great inspiration to people, because he was a leader that cultivated healthy habits, and use them as a tool to accomplish his goals.


Like every dreamer , one of the top frustrations , if not the worse, is facing fear!!! This feeling can affect your decisions in many ways and can determine if you pursuit your goals or not. One of the most outstanding animators and businessmen in history, like I already mention was Walt Disney. Walt is an example of the use of the seven habits of “The Leader in Me” program, to achieve self- realization and make a dream come true. My biggest dream is to become a well-known filmmaker and perhaps one day to even get to work on Disney movies. Now that I know the program I have realized that one of the main reasons why I experienced fear, is because I didn’t have a clue of how successful people achieve things. With “Leader in Me”, I developed a new approach of how I´m going to obtain what I want,  because the program gave me a guide and structure to become highly effective.


The Leader in Me program showed me the seven habits to help me establish goals and obtain results. The Habit 3- “Put First Things First”, helped me  to prioritize important things, and to do them before anything else. Before putting into practice that habit I use to procrastinate a lot,now I manage my time wisely and do my homework without taking naps. Also the Habit 7- “Sharpen the Saw”, has made me not to focus on the academic aspect as the most important thing of my life, but also I have given dedication to personal, emotional, and social factors equal importance, and in that way I have obtained more balance. When I was around 15 years old, I had the opportunity to become the president of Interact Guatemala Norte, which is part of Rotary International, which is meant to be a group that offers social service and help to the community. This taught me to care for others, and to work in group to obtain benefits for our society.


Overall I can acknowledge that “The Leader In Me” program has been a tool for me to get to know me better, which are my weakness and strengths. Now that I apply the seven habits to the various aspects of my life, I can feel a sense of realization and well-being because I have become an effective person. Also my perspective of certain things have also changed , because now I’m more conscious of the journey I’m taking to accomplish my dream of being a filmmaker, and how decisions will influence the overall result of my goals.  I’m the leader who is in control of the ship I like to call life, and “Leader in Me” has been the program that has made me growth into a better person. This program has had such a big influence in my life, that now I feel more happy with the way my life is. I use  the habits to become a better person, with a new focus on the things I really want,with an end in mind. It also made me a person with more knowledge, and consciousness of how my actions affect society. Because of the program I consider myself a better human being, not only with principles but also with the leadership to inspire others to create the life they want to live by showing them the experience I had with Leader in Me.

Macbeth´s Sonnet Act I Shakespearean

a                  The future holds in mind a big perhaps.

b                   In past I fought and won the rebels.

a                   Can’t trust the future, laying in his traps,

b                   Thoughts of the power provoke in me excels.


c                      What lies beyond our days, has price to pay,

d                      Me going through the trouble of killing,

c                      In order for the title to display,

d                      To a crime of blood I must be willing.


e                        Shall I choose to listen to Banquo´s declines?

f                        Perhaps my plan to kill must I deny,

e                        As regret may hunt me in near times.

f                         In the requests of  ambition I rely.


g                         The chance to be king in my future stands,

g                         Yet, my fate remains in my wife’s demands.

Macbeth Critique

Certainly there must be a reason why Shakespeare is the most acclaimed writer of English language. His melodic dramas recognize him as one of the top artists of universal literature, however,in some occasion’s I find his drama overwhelming. Shakespeare makes the use of many metaphorical devices, and analogies, that make the reader to not completely  understand what he is trying to refer to. As Macbeth character, I believe Shakespeare is sometimes too ambitious trying to embellish his drama with too many literary devices, that  eventually make the reader to get lost, and feel bored by the excess of drama. Lady Macbeth is another aspect that I didn’t find enjoyable, she is annoying. I consider Lady Macbeth one of the things I dislike about society, as she can represent the peer pressure that forces good people to do bad things. It is clear that Macbeth´s ambition would have taken him far in his decision of killing the king, yet the pressure, and the instigation she uses against his husband to push him and do something bad makes me feel angry at her, and also towards Macbeth for not having a voice of his own. Lady Macbeth even manipulates her husband to kill the king by calling him  coward and weak, and in that way she knew how to encourage Macbeth to do the dirty job.

The portrayal of how humans are afraid of destiny is one of the things I liked the most about Shakespeare’s work in Macbeth. He exemplified in a ironical and dramatic way, the fear that we all have of destiny. When the three witches appear and tell Macbeth and Banquo their prophecies, they both become afraid of them, so they laugh with silness. Why laugh at something serious like  their future? Because they are scared of what is next to come. It is a feeling we all humans have experienced at least once in a lifetime, and that makes it relatable. Another aspect that I liked about Macbeth is how he managed to kill the biggest authority ,which was King Duncan of Scotland , in order to fulfill and satisfy  his own ambition of him becoming the king. I enjoy the fact that Shakespeare´s work makes me think and relate Macbeth’s story to nowadays situations. In the same way Macbeth´s ambition brought to light his evil side to obtain power, in  similar manner many politicians become corrupt and dishonorable to get to the top positions in government.

Even though the overload of drama in Macbeth makes it unrelieved, it still continues demonstrating why Shakespeare is a master of literature.  I will recommend this brilliant piece to adults. Adults who tend to evade morality, in hopes of achieving things faster, like corrupt politicians. Macbeth truly illustrates the dark side of man and it´s actions to obtain something. It is a story that inspires reflection of how nowadays society is identifiable to the one presented in Macbeth.

Donatello´s influence on Renaissance art and sculpture techniques.

Donato di Niccolo di Betto better known as Donatello was an Italian sculptor and one of the most influential artists of the 15th century, during the early Renaissance period, were culture was born again and began to take a bigger emphasis on the great classics.It is speculated that he was born around 1386, in the city of Florence, and in 1466 he died being eighty years old. The nickname “Donatello” was given to him by his family and friends. Being twenty years old , he began to practice and began to adopt a Gothic style into his work. Donatello’s techniques in sculpture were unique in style, and are imitated nowadays by sculptors.He also persuit a big interest in Roman ruins, and in the process of studying he developed a humanist point of view. During his life, he never got married, and had no children. In Florence he owned a shop, where he exposed his sculptures. Even the city gave the funds to Donatello for his famous sculpture of David. Part of his point of view was a realistic approach of life, that made him hard to work with other artists and people of that time.

Having the opportunity to learn and receive education in the house of the Martellis, which were a Florentine influential family, made Donatello have a first encounter with art. Part of his education in there was the fabrication of certain elements and metals. Supposedly, part of his learning on Rome ruins, was a trip he made to Rome to study classical art with his close friend, and also artist Filippo Brunelleschi. The majority of his masterpieces are “Magdalen and Angel with Tambourine”, “St. Peter”,”Herod’s Feast”, and of course the sculpture of David, which was a boy dressed with a hat and boots, and is well known for being a Bible hero. This precise statute is recognized for his proportions, and constructed with bronze. It is even said that the powerful Medici family took this sculpture and place it in the center of their palace.

The David made of bronze is without doubt my favorite work of Donatello, because it is a sculpture of its own, since I have never seen a work with such well made details, that made me think the sculpture is very real. Perhaps it is his realistic perspective on life, that made Donatello be so precise and take every detail into consideration, and then transmitted into  a structure that made it look with a touch of realism. Donatello´s understanding and view of classical elements of art made his works be simple, but with a  personal technique that translated into embellishing sculptures.  I like Donatello´s simplicity in his masterpieces, however in that simplicity I find that there is a more profound and passionate artist that reflected that into very very detailed techniques in his sculptures.  Also part of my appreciation of Donatello’s art is his use of marble and bronze, which I consider are two elegant  materials to work with, because you can see details and expressions more clearly and vivid.  In the sculpture of David, Donatello was courageous and followed his knowledge and used classical aspects, and made this sculpture  half naked, emblematic  and influential during the Renaissance period.

donatelo                                                                                     donatelo 2


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Creative Writing Assignment/ Teaching How Equal Education Is Worth the Challenge

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I have always valued education, because it plays a significant role in the growth of human beings. It is so important to me that I even became a hero for many in the fight for making education a basic right in my community. You may think why so much enthusiasm on education, many normal students don´t like to go to school…Well, when you live in a place where you don’t have access to it, you become eager to receive education and learn.My journey as a defender of education began when I was ten years old. I lived in one of the poorest districts of Balochistan in Pakistan, there I learned in the public program offered by the government. I don´t complain about not being able to go to school, as I was one of the brightest students in the entire school. My high grades gained me the compliments of teachers, claiming that I was the smartest child in the institution. However, what concerned me was the fact that boys like me could attend to school, while girls were not allowed. I grew up believing that was one of the greatest injustices that could deteriorate the development of a person, in that case is was the girls.

After I graduated in high school I got a scholarship to Bacha Khan University, where I studied to get a degree to become a teacher.Those years were the happiest of my youth, and when I grew older I got a work position as the principal in the same school that I had studied when I was little. All the time that had passed and I still felt the disappointment and worry in the way girls were excluded from schools. As the director I thought that maybe with my position and influence I could permit girls to study in my school. What a naive idea, because doing that brought me many problems, to even put my life and the lives of the students at risk due to my decision. But I will do it again, as I felt that someone needed to take action on such an important topic as it is providing equal education to both genders.

The main problem emerged because of the same reasons girls are banned from schools, the Taliban’s, an islamic and military group that settled in the region and established their rules , including girls not being able to go to school. At first they started by threaten me with warnings about expelling me from the school. Despite the threatens I remained persistent.With conviction I prayed to the Ganesha,a Hindu deity that is part of  the religion I profess.Ganesha was  the god of intellect and wisdom, I asked her to give me the strength and the courage to fight for an ideal that I considered was worth my life. Her wisdom guide me to use my intelligence to do the right thing.  I did not obey the Taliban´s and remained my school open to girls, yet their words became truth and they made a terrorist attack on a Monday morning in the month of July of 2002. As I expected the main objective, and the first person being attack was me. But I prefered being shot a thousand times, than some students getting harmed. It was glad to know that the only person´s injured were the guard of the door and me, thankfully he recovered soon.

On the other hand I entered in a state of coma for two months. The event that  occurred and my fight for the rights of girls to attend to school made a movement that inspired many people to protest towards the matter. My story had spread through all the national news, appearing in the TV and newspapers, so the government had to do something in reaction to people’s disapproval. That was the moment when I became the hero for many , especially women who felt appreciation towards my initiative. The attack cost me several months of therapy but when I fully  recovered, I believed that the fight had to continue, I was not harmed in vain, and that pushed me to take the final actions on my goal to make education equal. I decided to create an organization with the support of many activists, and developed a legal document with argumentations to validate women assisting to school and universities. The organization presented the papers to the government, it was no easy as we had to go to court and convince the state of our cause. One whole year passed until we received the news that finally,  first time in the history of Balochistan , both genders were permitted to receive a proper education program.

I realized that the success of my cause was the ultimate realization of my profession. As a teacher there is no better accomplishment than sharing your knowledge to others. For some in my community I was a hero, but I was just doing my job, the duty of being a teacher that taught Balochistan the importance of equal education. I made awareness and inspired citizens to follow a change that was necessary, the acceptance of girls having the opportunity to study and develop into humans with an enormous potential. Today I continue my course through all the regions of Pakistan, encouraging persons to focus on higher standards of education, which eventually will lead to the progress of my beloved nation.

Epic hero:Is the narrator ,who became a hero to his community,and fought for equal education against the Taliban´s.

Quest: The narrator’s journey on how his unconformity against girls being banned from school, lead him to risk his life by opening the doors of his school to girls, even if that implied challenging the Taliban’s force and power on the region.

Valorous deeds: His intelligence was the virtue that  made him aware of the injustice around him. He was determined , courageous to fight for what was right, and protest with firmness for an ideal he considered relevant.

Divine Intervention: His religious belief is Hinduism, and he prays to the god Ganesha to obtain strength and wisdom to continue on his journey to obtain the same education rights for girls.

Blog Assignment The Seafarer translated by Burton Raffel


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PART 1 (Lines 1-64)

Identify the seafarer´s:


The first response of the seafarer to the sea was his physical safety in there , because cold and the freeze of  water that got inside his boat was affecting him, to the point were he felt his feet almost frost, with barely any movement like the feel of chains. He even had icicles on his beard because of the strong waves splashing to his face. He mentions that his heart was beating very hard, besides being in physical pain , he was thrilled to be in the middle of the sea once more.

b) emotional

Fear is making the seafarer being alert of danger in the ocean. He reflects on how he made himself apart and separated from society , and that instead of hearing laughs and voices of people , he was completely lonely with only the company that the sound of birds and waves made. With the struggle of not being able to form part of land, he feels sad , sorrow, and anxious as he sense no true emotion of belonging in that place. Besides the melancholy, he considers that the world has so much love to offer, but it is also the weakness and lost of bravery and gold from men like emperors and kings that made him feel disappointed and with no desire to come back to land. Instead he felt relief for being back at the comfort  of the sea, where he could continue his course looking for a new place to land.

c) spiritual responses to the sea

Land can offer women, rewards and pleasures, but they are of no interest to the seafarer , because they are only material obsessions that will not come with him when he gets to his home which is heaven. Even though he promises the oath of never going back to land,there are ocassions when he eventually returns but always finds a way to sail again into his beloved sea. The ocean , the work and creation of God reliefs and contents the seafarer to navigate without worries as he acknowledges his fate at the hands of the lord.

PART 2(Lines 65-ending)


a)references to death

Fate has specific ways to make man face death at some point of their lives,  it is through illness, age or the sword of an enemy  that it will be  decided their end. The focus of people on earthly possessions will leave them empty without a spiritual and profound connection, since they are not taking those things when death comes to them. It is at that moment where God will decide their soul´s fate , and those who forget and leave him aside are not going to be able to appreciate the glory of heaven. 

b)references to life and one´s code of conduct

Treat people either with love or hate , but don´t show any harm. Those who are courageous and express love and compassion will be rewarded by the guidance of the lord. In the other hand , those who sin will always get what they deserve. It is honor and well behaviour that will make a person feel a sense of pride for the good things that have made him or her who they are.

c)his relationship to God

The seafarer recognizes that his salvation will forever be God. He is devoted to him and stands humble with admiration, and gratitude on the path that his father will decide for him. He relies on the plan of God and how he feels respect on honouring and satisfying the creator with good behaviour and actions to find the doors to heaven.