Blog Assignment The Seafarer translated by Burton Raffel


(Images have been used for illustrative purposes).

PART 1 (Lines 1-64)

Identify the seafarer´s:


The first response of the seafarer to the sea was his physical safety in there , because cold and the freeze of  water that got inside his boat was affecting him, to the point were he felt his feet almost frost, with barely any movement like the feel of chains. He even had icicles on his beard because of the strong waves splashing to his face. He mentions that his heart was beating very hard, besides being in physical pain , he was thrilled to be in the middle of the sea once more.

b) emotional

Fear is making the seafarer being alert of danger in the ocean. He reflects on how he made himself apart and separated from society , and that instead of hearing laughs and voices of people , he was completely lonely with only the company that the sound of birds and waves made. With the struggle of not being able to form part of land, he feels sad , sorrow, and anxious as he sense no true emotion of belonging in that place. Besides the melancholy, he considers that the world has so much love to offer, but it is also the weakness and lost of bravery and gold from men like emperors and kings that made him feel disappointed and with no desire to come back to land. Instead he felt relief for being back at the comfort  of the sea, where he could continue his course looking for a new place to land.

c) spiritual responses to the sea

Land can offer women, rewards and pleasures, but they are of no interest to the seafarer , because they are only material obsessions that will not come with him when he gets to his home which is heaven. Even though he promises the oath of never going back to land,there are ocassions when he eventually returns but always finds a way to sail again into his beloved sea. The ocean , the work and creation of God reliefs and contents the seafarer to navigate without worries as he acknowledges his fate at the hands of the lord.

PART 2(Lines 65-ending)


a)references to death

Fate has specific ways to make man face death at some point of their lives,  it is through illness, age or the sword of an enemy  that it will be  decided their end. The focus of people on earthly possessions will leave them empty without a spiritual and profound connection, since they are not taking those things when death comes to them. It is at that moment where God will decide their soul´s fate , and those who forget and leave him aside are not going to be able to appreciate the glory of heaven. 

b)references to life and one´s code of conduct

Treat people either with love or hate , but don´t show any harm. Those who are courageous and express love and compassion will be rewarded by the guidance of the lord. In the other hand , those who sin will always get what they deserve. It is honor and well behaviour that will make a person feel a sense of pride for the good things that have made him or her who they are.

c)his relationship to God

The seafarer recognizes that his salvation will forever be God. He is devoted to him and stands humble with admiration, and gratitude on the path that his father will decide for him. He relies on the plan of God and how he feels respect on honouring and satisfying the creator with good behaviour and actions to find the doors to heaven. 


One thought on “Blog Assignment The Seafarer translated by Burton Raffel

  1. First of all, I loved your picture and design. Thank you for taking the time to make it your own! I just wanted to ask if you can change the black background because it is hard for me to read with the black text (or change the color of the text). Thanks 🙂

    You did a wonderful job with your post. You chose good examples and were able to analyze the reading. On the third question of part I, you were supposed to stay focused on lines 1-64, where God had not really been taken into account as much. His spirituality was more focused on his FATE (which you mention at the end). Just make sure not to get those two confused.

    Great job and I look forward to seeing what you will write next!

    Grade: 92

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