Creative Writing Assignment/ Teaching How Equal Education Is Worth the Challenge

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I have always valued education, because it plays a significant role in the growth of human beings. It is so important to me that I even became a hero for many in the fight for making education a basic right in my community. You may think why so much enthusiasm on education, many normal students don´t like to go to school…Well, when you live in a place where you don’t have access to it, you become eager to receive education and learn.My journey as a defender of education began when I was ten years old. I lived in one of the poorest districts of Balochistan in Pakistan, there I learned in the public program offered by the government. I don´t complain about not being able to go to school, as I was one of the brightest students in the entire school. My high grades gained me the compliments of teachers, claiming that I was the smartest child in the institution. However, what concerned me was the fact that boys like me could attend to school, while girls were not allowed. I grew up believing that was one of the greatest injustices that could deteriorate the development of a person, in that case is was the girls.

After I graduated in high school I got a scholarship to Bacha Khan University, where I studied to get a degree to become a teacher.Those years were the happiest of my youth, and when I grew older I got a work position as the principal in the same school that I had studied when I was little. All the time that had passed and I still felt the disappointment and worry in the way girls were excluded from schools. As the director I thought that maybe with my position and influence I could permit girls to study in my school. What a naive idea, because doing that brought me many problems, to even put my life and the lives of the students at risk due to my decision. But I will do it again, as I felt that someone needed to take action on such an important topic as it is providing equal education to both genders.

The main problem emerged because of the same reasons girls are banned from schools, the Taliban’s, an islamic and military group that settled in the region and established their rules , including girls not being able to go to school. At first they started by threaten me with warnings about expelling me from the school. Despite the threatens I remained persistent.With conviction I prayed to the Ganesha,a Hindu deity that is part of  the religion I profess.Ganesha was  the god of intellect and wisdom, I asked her to give me the strength and the courage to fight for an ideal that I considered was worth my life. Her wisdom guide me to use my intelligence to do the right thing.  I did not obey the Taliban´s and remained my school open to girls, yet their words became truth and they made a terrorist attack on a Monday morning in the month of July of 2002. As I expected the main objective, and the first person being attack was me. But I prefered being shot a thousand times, than some students getting harmed. It was glad to know that the only person´s injured were the guard of the door and me, thankfully he recovered soon.

On the other hand I entered in a state of coma for two months. The event that  occurred and my fight for the rights of girls to attend to school made a movement that inspired many people to protest towards the matter. My story had spread through all the national news, appearing in the TV and newspapers, so the government had to do something in reaction to people’s disapproval. That was the moment when I became the hero for many , especially women who felt appreciation towards my initiative. The attack cost me several months of therapy but when I fully  recovered, I believed that the fight had to continue, I was not harmed in vain, and that pushed me to take the final actions on my goal to make education equal. I decided to create an organization with the support of many activists, and developed a legal document with argumentations to validate women assisting to school and universities. The organization presented the papers to the government, it was no easy as we had to go to court and convince the state of our cause. One whole year passed until we received the news that finally,  first time in the history of Balochistan , both genders were permitted to receive a proper education program.

I realized that the success of my cause was the ultimate realization of my profession. As a teacher there is no better accomplishment than sharing your knowledge to others. For some in my community I was a hero, but I was just doing my job, the duty of being a teacher that taught Balochistan the importance of equal education. I made awareness and inspired citizens to follow a change that was necessary, the acceptance of girls having the opportunity to study and develop into humans with an enormous potential. Today I continue my course through all the regions of Pakistan, encouraging persons to focus on higher standards of education, which eventually will lead to the progress of my beloved nation.

Epic hero:Is the narrator ,who became a hero to his community,and fought for equal education against the Taliban´s.

Quest: The narrator’s journey on how his unconformity against girls being banned from school, lead him to risk his life by opening the doors of his school to girls, even if that implied challenging the Taliban’s force and power on the region.

Valorous deeds: His intelligence was the virtue that  made him aware of the injustice around him. He was determined , courageous to fight for what was right, and protest with firmness for an ideal he considered relevant.

Divine Intervention: His religious belief is Hinduism, and he prays to the god Ganesha to obtain strength and wisdom to continue on his journey to obtain the same education rights for girls.


One thought on “Creative Writing Assignment/ Teaching How Equal Education Is Worth the Challenge

  1. I loved it Michelle! You were able to identify all the elements and I liked that your divine intervention was relevant to the region (Islam). There were a few grammar and/or spelling mistakes (10 in total), but overall you did an amazing job!

    Grade: 90

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