Macbeth´s Sonnet Act I Shakespearean

a                  The future holds in mind a big perhaps.

b                   In past I fought and won the rebels.

a                   Can’t trust the future, laying in his traps,

b                   Thoughts of the power provoke in me excels.


c                      What lies beyond our days, has price to pay,

d                      Me going through the trouble of killing,

c                      In order for the title to display,

d                      To a crime of blood I must be willing.


e                        Shall I choose to listen to Banquo´s declines?

f                        Perhaps my plan to kill must I deny,

e                        As regret may hunt me in near times.

f                         In the requests of  ambition I rely.


g                         The chance to be king in my future stands,

g                         Yet, my fate remains in my wife’s demands.


Macbeth Critique

Certainly there must be a reason why Shakespeare is the most acclaimed writer of English language. His melodic dramas recognize him as one of the top artists of universal literature, however,in some occasion’s I find his drama overwhelming. Shakespeare makes the use of many metaphorical devices, and analogies, that make the reader to not completely  understand what he is trying to refer to. As Macbeth character, I believe Shakespeare is sometimes too ambitious trying to embellish his drama with too many literary devices, that  eventually make the reader to get lost, and feel bored by the excess of drama. Lady Macbeth is another aspect that I didn’t find enjoyable, she is annoying. I consider Lady Macbeth one of the things I dislike about society, as she can represent the peer pressure that forces good people to do bad things. It is clear that Macbeth´s ambition would have taken him far in his decision of killing the king, yet the pressure, and the instigation she uses against his husband to push him and do something bad makes me feel angry at her, and also towards Macbeth for not having a voice of his own. Lady Macbeth even manipulates her husband to kill the king by calling him  coward and weak, and in that way she knew how to encourage Macbeth to do the dirty job.

The portrayal of how humans are afraid of destiny is one of the things I liked the most about Shakespeare’s work in Macbeth. He exemplified in a ironical and dramatic way, the fear that we all have of destiny. When the three witches appear and tell Macbeth and Banquo their prophecies, they both become afraid of them, so they laugh with silness. Why laugh at something serious like  their future? Because they are scared of what is next to come. It is a feeling we all humans have experienced at least once in a lifetime, and that makes it relatable. Another aspect that I liked about Macbeth is how he managed to kill the biggest authority ,which was King Duncan of Scotland , in order to fulfill and satisfy  his own ambition of him becoming the king. I enjoy the fact that Shakespeare´s work makes me think and relate Macbeth’s story to nowadays situations. In the same way Macbeth´s ambition brought to light his evil side to obtain power, in  similar manner many politicians become corrupt and dishonorable to get to the top positions in government.

Even though the overload of drama in Macbeth makes it unrelieved, it still continues demonstrating why Shakespeare is a master of literature.  I will recommend this brilliant piece to adults. Adults who tend to evade morality, in hopes of achieving things faster, like corrupt politicians. Macbeth truly illustrates the dark side of man and it´s actions to obtain something. It is a story that inspires reflection of how nowadays society is identifiable to the one presented in Macbeth.