Macbeth´s Sonnet Act I Shakespearean

a                  The future holds in mind a big perhaps.

b                   In past I fought and won the rebels.

a                   Can’t trust the future, laying in his traps,

b                   Thoughts of the power provoke in me excels.


c                      What lies beyond our days, has price to pay,

d                      Me going through the trouble of killing,

c                      In order for the title to display,

d                      To a crime of blood I must be willing.


e                        Shall I choose to listen to Banquo´s declines?

f                        Perhaps my plan to kill must I deny,

e                        As regret may hunt me in near times.

f                         In the requests of  ambition I rely.


g                         The chance to be king in my future stands,

g                         Yet, my fate remains in my wife’s demands.


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