Writing Activity: Leader in Me gave me a New Approach

To follow a moral compass is something that has been imposed to man throughout the evolution of society. Having values, and being a person that takes decisions based on ethics is a social requirement, that make people believe they will achieve success. For many years in school we were taught a value each month, for example honesty and respect. Even though it is basic to have the knowledge of what those values mean,it is also important to know how to put them into practice. It was until high school that as students, we understood that taking those moral principles into actions was the best way in which we could learn to  use them for the rest of our lives. The “Leader in Me” program changed completely our perspective on the things a person should do in order to become successful, instead the program started by making us believe that we are already leaders in certain aspects of our lives, we just need to dig a little deeper to make our qualities shine brighter. Leader in Me is based on seven main habits that serve as a guide to obtain not only success, but also the capacity of being able to lead our own lives.


Walt Disney, one of the most successful people who was the founder of Disneyland once said: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt wasn’t always ahead of the game. Walt had a devotion for drawing , and every day he woke up eager to go to his studio, he was a leader in art and animation. Even though he become an ambulance driver and went through many odd jobs , he fought for a big dream.He stayed up until late to do work, was proactive, and didn’t procrastinate. Walt thought and took into consideration others thoughts. Hollywood parties where not a priority to Walt, he put the most important things first, and on weekends, his time was family time.  Walt Disney had  many failures but he also had many successes too, and that is because he  believed in his own leadership to pursue a dream.  He is a great inspiration to people, because he was a leader that cultivated healthy habits, and use them as a tool to accomplish his goals.


Like every dreamer , one of the top frustrations , if not the worse, is facing fear!!! This feeling can affect your decisions in many ways and can determine if you pursuit your goals or not. One of the most outstanding animators and businessmen in history, like I already mention was Walt Disney. Walt is an example of the use of the seven habits of “The Leader in Me” program, to achieve self- realization and make a dream come true. My biggest dream is to become a well-known filmmaker and perhaps one day to even get to work on Disney movies. Now that I know the program I have realized that one of the main reasons why I experienced fear, is because I didn’t have a clue of how successful people achieve things. With “Leader in Me”, I developed a new approach of how I´m going to obtain what I want,  because the program gave me a guide and structure to become highly effective.


The Leader in Me program showed me the seven habits to help me establish goals and obtain results. The Habit 3- “Put First Things First”, helped me  to prioritize important things, and to do them before anything else. Before putting into practice that habit I use to procrastinate a lot,now I manage my time wisely and do my homework without taking naps. Also the Habit 7- “Sharpen the Saw”, has made me not to focus on the academic aspect as the most important thing of my life, but also I have given dedication to personal, emotional, and social factors equal importance, and in that way I have obtained more balance. When I was around 15 years old, I had the opportunity to become the president of Interact Guatemala Norte, which is part of Rotary International, which is meant to be a group that offers social service and help to the community. This taught me to care for others, and to work in group to obtain benefits for our society.


Overall I can acknowledge that “The Leader In Me” program has been a tool for me to get to know me better, which are my weakness and strengths. Now that I apply the seven habits to the various aspects of my life, I can feel a sense of realization and well-being because I have become an effective person. Also my perspective of certain things have also changed , because now I’m more conscious of the journey I’m taking to accomplish my dream of being a filmmaker, and how decisions will influence the overall result of my goals.  I’m the leader who is in control of the ship I like to call life, and “Leader in Me” has been the program that has made me growth into a better person. This program has had such a big influence in my life, that now I feel more happy with the way my life is. I use  the habits to become a better person, with a new focus on the things I really want,with an end in mind. It also made me a person with more knowledge, and consciousness of how my actions affect society. Because of the program I consider myself a better human being, not only with principles but also with the leadership to inspire others to create the life they want to live by showing them the experience I had with Leader in Me.


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